On a hot summer day, a store opens its doors to allow a dog to cool down.

Stray animals have a difficult life because they are all alone and have no where to go. They are also responsible for finding their own food resources and are exposed to all weather conditions.
We’ve already heard several stories of unfortunate dogs that were suffering from the cold and how generous people opened their doors for them, but dogs are also susceptible to high temperatures, and one store let a dog to come inside and cool off on an exceptionally hot day.

It was a scorching hot day in Mexico, with temperatures reaching 104°F, and a local street dog paid a visit to a market, where he also displayed several other days.

According to The Dodo, the store clerk said, “He’s been here for the previous [several] days.” “We believe he was abandoned by his owner. He came to us for assistance.

“All we could give him was food, drink, and some toys from the store, which we purchased for with our money.”
However, on this particularly hot day, they went a step further and allowed the dog to come inside to cool down.
The dog relished the opportunity to escape out of the sun. In fact, he was so relaxed that he napped right on the aisle floor.

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