People are attempting to decipher a strange photo of a dog, but he is actually normal.

Most dog enthusiasts are scratching their heads over a photograph of a dog. That’s because the photo appears to be of a dog with a deformed face at first glance. It isn’t, however; it is an inadvertent optical illusion.

Optical Illusion Dog from funny

When the photo was shared on Reddit, it caused a lot of confusion. One redditor commented, “It took me lot longer than it should have to figure out the dog’s head was practically upside down to appear as it does.”

Yes, the individual is right. It’s just a dog looking at his human with his head inclined to the side. His jowl is hanging down and his ears are flopped to one side, but he’s simply joking around. It’s possible that the colors and other canines in the foreground and background make it difficult to see at first.

Upon reading what they were expected to see, many people were relieved. “I appreciate it. Another user added, “I just spent two minutes spinning my phone around attempting to view this dog after already coming to terms with how wonderful the owners are for adopting this poor dog, while taking solace in the knowledge that he doesn’t realize he’s different, just to find out he’s fine after all.”

That hasn’t prevented folks from trying to figure out what the image means. Another Reddit user remarked, “It’s killing my head.” As a result, another viewer decided to assist others by creating this useful illustrated gif.


Everything is so much more obvious now! I enjoy a good brainteaser. Have you figured out what it was all along? Share this perplexing photo with your friends and family if you enjoyed it.


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