Mom’s Hilarious Reaction To Her Daughter’s Ice Skating

Our family is the only ones who can make us laugh as hard as they can. When it came time to say goodbye to their sister on December 26th, that’s exactly what occurred to one Canadian family.

Caroline Charter uploaded the video, titled “Canadian Driveway Ice Hysterics,” and commented, “This just made my Christmas…

My parents’ driveway was a little difficult for my sister Suzanne and myself due to an ice rain shower.

Mum provided a hysterical laughing track. It’s a must-see with the sound turned up!! Notes: “Driving was totally safe because the car had winter tires, no one was intoxicated, her boots were Sorels, and the roads were salted and grated.”

Nonetheless, Suzanne’s struggle to get into her car, as well as her mother’s laughs, are pure comedy gold! Mom’s laughter has grown so popular on the Internet that the family is planning to turn it into a ringtone shortly! “The family that laughs together stays together,” as the proverb goes.

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