Mom Gives Dog Her Own Coat So He Stays Warm While Waiting Outside

Dog owners adore their furry children so much that they treat them as if they were their children.

Kristina Hollie observed a cute puppy conducting errands beside his owner while waiting for the bus with her colleague on a cold day in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The two were about to go into the post office when the woman was told that dogs are not allowed inside.

The owner had no choice but to tie her dog to a tree outside the post office and walk inside without her beloved pet; when she tied him to the tree, she removed her jacket and wrapped it around the freezing animal’s body.

Because the sweet dog’s owner was concerned that he could become cold while waiting for her to conclude her business inside the post office, he sat quietly and proudly in his spot while his mother wrapped the jacket around him.

They had a nice head bump before his mother started walking into the post office. “I told her what she did was really lovely and thoughtful as soon as she stood up and walked past me,” Hollie added. “’Thank you!’ she replied. I don’t want him to be freezing!’

“It was bitterly cold and bitterly windy. He was definitely trembling, which I observed. She certainly noticed because she removed her jacket and placed it over the dog as he sat. “Perhaps she worried he’d kick it off, so she knelt and zipped it up around him,” Kristina Hollie of The Dodo speculated.

Others who saw the dog in the jacket couldn’t help but take pictures of him, and some even petted him on the head.
“I noticed two or three other people going by him and thought he was extremely cute and quite warm,” Hollie said.

When Hollie’s bus arrived, she had to say her goodbyes to the sweet puppy; witnessing the woman take such wonderful care of her pet made her feel so happy on the inside; there are still incredible sweet people out there.

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