Meet the Kenyan Giraffes, which are rare black and white giraffes.

There’s no denying that giraffes are adorable! They are found in Africa, where they originated. They usually have white skin, although some of them have black skin.

The white leucistic giraffe and the black melanistic giraffe are shown here.

The White giraffe:

Albinism is the most common cause of white animals, as we all know. However, it affects all pigments in the body, including the eyes, causing them to turn pink!

Albinism in giraffes is known as leucistic albinism, however certain pigments retain their original colors! Other hea.lth iss.ues associated with pigment def.ects include a wea.kened im.mune system and can.cer.

The black giraffe:

Melanism is the polar opposite of albinism, in which an animal’s melanin is affected, causing them to appear black.

Being a melanistic adult with a giraffe is extremely rare, as they are almost always slaughtered as children!

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