Meet Enzo, a one-of-a-kind Golden Retriever with the most incredible birthmark.

Enzo is a cheerful, cuddly, and endearingly unique puppy who met his forever family at the age of two.
He has a unique genetic condition that generates a massive black patch around his eye area, making him stand out in a crowd.

Enzo is a purebred Golden Retriever with a birthmark that covers the left side of his face. Normally, this breed has a single bright golden coat, but Enzo’s birthmark covers the left half of his face.

And it just serves to enhance his beauty!

Enzo’s mother, Ella Castro, told The Dodo, “Golden retrievers are born with a foundation black coat, with a’modifier gene’ that turns them golden.” “This is a modification that almost every dog has. Enzo’s DNA tripped up on that one area of his face, and it was erased.”

Pigmented somatic cell mutation is the name for Enzo’s disease, and it is highly unusual.

Enzo has approximately 200k Instagram followers, and you can find him at mister.enzoviola. Who could say no to such adorable face?

Enzo has no idea how special he is, and he goes about his business as a cheerful go glad golden retriever, as he should!

Enzo and his peculiar birthmark appear to interest Stangers at all times, despite the fact that Enzo is on a quest to befriend the entire globe.

“Most people have no idea he’s a golden,” Castro explained. “They frequently inquire about his breed, claiming that they assumed he was a mix because goldens are solid-colored dogs.”

As if Enzo wasn’t unusual enough, he’s also quite huge for his age!.

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