Man gives food to begging cute dog, but when she flees and refuses to eat it, he follows her.

They understand that this pleading dog is actually a kind who is looking after her children…
Even if we try our hardest to provide a forever home for our beloved pets, there are still some who do not.

There are many animals who do not have a home to call their own.
We see things like this all the time, like this abandoned pit bull found tethered to a dumpster.

We don’t know much about the pup in the video below, but she’s discovered that begging for food in a market district in Bangkok, Thailand, is one of the best methods to assure her survival.

She’s done this previously, according to the man who made the video. She’d always return to the marker for more, except she’d always accept the meat that was offered to her and flee. Why not eat the chicken right there if she’s so hungry to be begging?


Finally, they arrive to an abandoned property, where the dog wanders over to a dark area after taking one last look at the guy.
Four puppies appear out of nowhere, eager to share the chicken!

The man suddenly sees that the begging dog is actually a caring mother providing for her children. Let’s hope he keeps sharing meals with these cute pups.

2 thoughts on “Man gives food to begging cute dog, but when she flees and refuses to eat it, he follows her.

  1. I wish every single human would take just a few minutes out of their days to feed a starving animal.. They don’t ask to be abandoned.. all they ask is what they give.. pure love.. Please everyone of you don’t just walk by them , or kick them.. They have a heartbeat.. they bleed if they’re cut.. they cry.. I say Hurt An Animal, Go To Jail.! If you don’t have time to foster one or two, then give a large contribution to Asapc, Animal League, or one of the many shelters.. & I thank you from the bottom of my heart.. Believe me, God will notice..

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