Lovely 93-Year-Old Woman and Her adorable Giant Fluffy Neighbor Have a Special Friendship

There are numerous unique human-dog friendships, and this is one of them. Meet Sally, a 93-year-old woman, and her particular friend, Brody, a puppy.

Brody, a big Saint Bernard puppy who lives near her home, is one of her closest friends. Their relationship knows no bounds. Sally’s spouse died in 1990, yet she was never truly alone. Brody makes it a point to see his dear friend every day to ensure that she is doing well.

Sally met her furry pal for the first time when his owner, Dave Mazarella, decided to make some neighborhood visits. As a result, he and Brody paid a visit to the lady’s home.

Sally and Brody have formed an extremely close bond. Brody assists her in getting her newspaper, and Sally makes a point of giving him tasty snacks and petting him.

They also do other things together, such as attend to church or just sit on the couch and watch television.

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