Living Rough Dog Finally Gets Happy Ending on His Own After Years of Trying

Valia’s puppy, Bono, was asking for food and love when she first saw him. She rescued the 5-month-old puppy and took him to a local Greek shelter where she works because he couldn’t foster him at the time due to personal issues.

Valia of The Orphan Pet claims she wasn’t a seasoned rescuer when she rescued Bono. When she had to leave him behind after leaving the organization, she was distraught and says it was “something that plagued me with shame.” She, on the other hand, never forgot about him and would question as to whether he had found a home.

“My biggest loose end was Bono…

“After I couldn’t stand it any longer, I went back for him two years later and tried to help him find a home,” Valia writes.

She returned home with him, this time armed with the knowledge and experience of countless dog rescues. “Those few weeks while he was at home with me were unforgettable,” she adds. “It was as though he had never left for him.” You see, dogs don’t forget. They simply don’t.”

She tried to promote Bono’s tale on social media several times, but it received little attention. However, his story reached a Danish charity and a Danish family who were looking for him. Bono has finally found a home, and Valia believes he did so without her assistance.

“I wasn’t sure what to make of the fact that I didn’t really assist him find a home until I understood that sometimes all we need is someone to believe in us to stretch our wings and fly.” I had faith in him, and he took off a month later.”

In the video below, you can see and hear Bono’s heartfelt rescue.

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