Kittens Who Waited Outside for a Chance at a Warm Home, are So Happy to Be Back Together

Two kittens who waited outside for a chance at a warm home, are so happy to be back together.

Gus and Spencer the bonded kittensMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

A local rescuer in North Carolina was working on a TNR (trap-neuter-return) project for a cat colony, when she noticed two kittens wandering together on several occasions. She was able to get them and many other cats to safety right before snow fall.

The two kittens were transported to a local veterinary clinic in separate cages to be evaluated. Sarah Kelly, the founder of Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, was contacted for assistance, and went to pick them up.

“Once we got there, and saw them in their side by side cages, we fell in love with their personalities. Gus, the older one (7 months) was so calm. He was just sitting there, purring, while Spencer (the younger one, 4 months) was trying to get out and get attention,” Sarah told Love Meow.

They were rescued from the outdoors and so happy to be back togetherMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

Spencer was swirling around, meowing while extending his paw out to Sarah for pets. It was clear from the get-go that the kittens were eager for attention and relieved to be off the streets at last.

“We decided to put them in a single carrier, based on how they were doing in cages right next to each other – and it was the best decision.”

Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue

Instantly, Gus the older cat started cleaning Spencer, washing his face and showering him with love.

“Spencer curled into him and rolled around happily. They slept, curled up together the whole way home,” Sarah shared with Love Meow.

Spencer curled into Gus and purred up a stormMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

“They are very bonded, which surprised us for two young males who aren’t biological brothers – but they are incredibly close and love each other’s company, which is so special.”

Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue

The two best friends quickly settled into their foster home. They were all cleaned up and treated for worms and fleas. They were so pleased with their new digs and spent the afternoon cuddled up and grooming each other.

The kittens are always within eyesight of each other, and never found napping alone.

Best of friendsMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

After getting vetted and neutered early this week, Gus and Spencer came home purring and were immediately ready for some TLC.

“Gus is more the ‘caretaker’ of the two, and Spencer is more attention seeking and outgoing, but together they snuggle and love attention, and will both curl up on your lap and share pats and love,” Sarah told Love Meow.

They share a very special bondMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

“Gus is very happy to have a loving hand to hold, and to be out of the cold and snow. He and his brother, Spencer, are love-bugs!”

Gus the huggerMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

“These two, while not from the same litter since one is a few months older than the other, are clearly related.”

Knowing how special their bond is, Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue hopes to find them their happily-ever-after together.

Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue

“We are so glad to give these two the second chance they deserve and warm, soft landing as they wait for their forever home.”

Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue

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