Kitten with strabismus that was found malnourished now has a loving home.

There is no doubt that having a pet will make life more enjoyable and cheerful, regardless of what kind of pet it is. This story is about a kitten who got viral online due to a unique circumstance. Olive has a physical feature called strabismus, according to Michelle Traynor, Olive’s 27-year-old mother.

Olive’s gorgeous smile has thousands of Instagram followers, and many people fall in love with it. According to Michelle, who works in communications, Olive was quite unwell when she was discovered. Despite his eye issue, Olive sees well, according to Michelle.

However, because her jaw isn’t fully matured, she bites a little too hard. Olive’s owner said that she is incredibly lovely and pleasant with everyone she meets, and that she attempts to fall in love with everyone she meets. What a sweetie!

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