It’s Adorable When A Kitten Falls Asleep While Sitting

Sleep sometimes triumphs over flight sleep, no matter how hard you try.

And when you’re a little cat, this can make for some pretty cute video.

A young kitten is seen fiercely fighting sleep in a too-cute-for-words youtube video, which only results in his falling asleep sitting up.

As his eyes open and close, the little kitten’s head lolls from side to side, and he offers the camera a few tired looks.
In the background, a happy child is laughing and definitely enjoying the cute scene.

The kitten’s scrunched-up little face is really adorable.

We’d do anything to be able to hold him and let him snooze in our arms.

Being a little kitty is difficult; the world is so exciting, and you don’t want to waste time napping when there’s so much to see and do.

But, as this lover discovered, a good snooze can sometimes be the finest thing in the world.

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