The dog was scar.ed of the kitten, but they eventually became best friends, adorable story.

Baily and Simon are complete opposites, yet it doesn’t stop them from being great friends. Simon is a ragdoll, and Baily is a golden retriever. Not every dog can be friends with cats, but golden retrievers are one of the breeds that can!

When they first met, things didn’t exactly go as planned… Baily was so terrified when she first spotted Simon that she leapt off the couch and ran for cover.

Baily was still hesitant when her owner called her over, seeking to hide under her owner’s arm and avoid making eye contact with this “strange” creature.

Her owner eventually had to resort to the one hidden weapon that could bring everyone closer together: food. The two cute animals gradually became acquainted as they began to share food. Simon turned out to be a little mischievous, but not nearly as frightening as Baily had imagined.

Baily began to eagerly coax Simon into becoming her friend once she realized what he was up to. Simon is overjoyed to be under the care of the adoring canine. The two fuzzy pals had had a great time together. Simon was aggressive and fearless, while Bailey was calm, sweet, and tolerant. They were diametrically opposed, but they somehow balanced one other out.

At the end of the day, these two were great friends and inseparable. Although time has altered their appearance, they are still growing up together and developing a special affinity.

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