In his spare time, a young boy bathes stray dogs in order to assist them in finding new homes.

Most children spend their weekends with their friends or watching television, but one young boy in Brazil spends his Saturdays assisting road animals.

Thiago, an 11-year-old from Antônio Prado, Rio Grande do Sul, has always had a soft spot for animals. He wishes he could help the estimated 30 million home.less pets and pus.sycats in Brazil. He resolved to improve their lives one bath at a time because he couldn’t bring them all home.

Thiago and his father created the design ” Sou de rua mas to limpinho” (“I’m home.less but I’m clean”) at the end of 2020, and began to change the lives of the street pets in his neighborhood.

Thiago told The Dodo, “At the end of last time, I decided that I demanded to ever do commodity for the pets.” “I told my father about my idea of bathing road pets so they stay clean and ambrosial and people look at them differently on the road while we were talking.”

The design had a rocky start, but Thiago and his father were able to iron out the kinks.

“It’s difficult to catch pets on the road because they’re usually alarmed, and many of them have been victims of atrocity,” Thiago explained. “So we went without showers for a while until my father contacted Noah’s Ark, and we started bathing their recently rescued puppies,” says my father.


The pets each get a photo shoot with Thiago after their showers to improve their chances of being relinquished. The prints are edited by Thiago’s father and shared on social media. Thiago has so far donated 48 cataracts and has received a lot of support from his community, including donations of pet soap and bath products.

“Since the maturity of the hairy ones has been espoused, the idea has truly paid off,” Thiago said. “This provides me with a lot of motivation to keep going.”

Thiago hopes that his sweatshirts will change people’s perceptions of the home.less pets they see every day and encourage more people to welcome them into their homes.


“I don’t want people to be hysterical when they borrow,” Thiago explained. ” It’s the most fashionable thing on the planet. Allow them to borrow the dog, but make it clear that it is not a toy or a thing. He’s a being who will live for a very long time and only wants to love us.”

Those without the space or financial means to borrow a dog are encouraged to help in other ways.

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