I had no idea poodle cats existed, and now I’m desperate for one.

Are you familiar with poodle cats? Selkirk Rex, a breed of poodle cat, has been around since 1987. They’re so fluffy that they resemble stuffed animals rather than living creatures. Whether you prefer cats or dogs, you will be unable to resist their adorableness.

The poodle cat’s unusual fur is the product of a genetic anomaly, it turns out. Because their kinky hair is a dominant characteristic, breeders can easily keep the curls while crossbreeding to maintain genetic diversity.

Another unique feature of this breed is that not only does it have curly fur, but it also has curly whiskers. How adorable!

Their odd appearance does not prevent them from being loving, patient, and tolerant, as well as laid-back, lively, and family-friendly!

Their one-of-a-kindness makes them pricey, with prices ranging from $500 to $800. Another disadvantage of this breed is that it is difficult to keep their fur in good condition. To keep their coat free of matting and grease, they’ll probably need extra brushing and cleaning.

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