He was crying because an unwanted dog was aban.doned at a train station with only a tray filled with water and tied to railings.

As his human flees the scene, a dog aban.doned at a train station cries out in pain.

When this dog was aban.doned at the Eastbourne train station in the United Kingdom, he drew the attention of onlookers because he appeared to be crying.

His photo was taken, and it quickly went viral. The dog was left alone with nothing but a charger and a bowl of water. The Daily Mail reports that

“On February 11, the dog was plant whining and stewing for his owner after patiently waiting by the rail for more than an hour in the hope that he’d return.”

One witness at the station claimed to have seen a man tying up the dog and then speeding away in a hack. The canine wardens in Eastbourne collected the dog and brought him to safety at one of their kennels because no one had come forward to claim him. Despite the fact that the doggy was microchipped, when the chip’s connections were reached, they cut off the doggy’s power.

Gazza has been given to the dog because, according to ITV, “he’s not too manly to cry.” This is a reference to Paul Gascoigne, a well-known British soccer player and platoon director who cried during the 1990 World Cup semi-finals. Since taking Gazza into guardianship, the Eastbourne Council has received a flood of calls and emails from people who want to adopt the dog. The Council received 50 calls and 150 emails from hoomans wanting him to join their family, according to a prophet who spoke to The Express. Hopefully, Gazza will be reunited with his forever family soon! Please contact the Eastbourne Borough Council if you have any information about those who aban.doned him or if you require additional relinquishment information.

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