Greetings from the Canines and Felines What it’s like to return home to a crowded house

When I’m not around, the dogs and cats miss me, according to the people. They mope (particularly Jasper), gaze out windows (especially Jasper), and sleep by doors (usually Jasper), waiting for me to step in. We go on to the suitcase examination after I’m inside and the jubilation is finished. This is especially true when we return from pet-related trips like BlogPaws. Everyone “noses” my baggage, which is filled with swag. To avoid tense situations and confrontations, I unpack the edibles first, keeping them out of reach of curious canines and felines. Of course, it doesn’t stop some of my crew from rummaging through my belongings in case I forget something.Earlier this month, I attended the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop in Dayton, Ohio, where I met over 350 smart, witty, and inspiring writers.

I drove to Kansas City, Missouri, two weeks later for BlogPaws, a pet blogging convention, where I met cat ladies and dog daddies, as well as dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, and everyone in between.

And this past weekend, I returned home with roughly a third of my high school classmates, some of whom I recognized and others whom I had never seen, for my 40th high school reunion. (With approximately 900 students in the Abington High School class of 1978, it was nearly impossible to know everyone.)

Every time I returned, the welcoming committee greeted me with a crowd, a procession, and a song by Jasper. See the list below.

in case I’ve forgotten anything delectable.

Then we return to our normal routines of meals, playtime, walks, naps, and other activities.

But I suppose my animal posse is a little unsettled as a result of all the traveling I’ve done recently. They think I’m going away forever every time I walk out the door to get the mail, or to the oral surgeon for the next step in my dental implant adventure (that’s a whole other tale), or to Whole Foods to lighten my wallet. So every time I walk through the door, I got the same intense greeting (however after the oral surgeon, there was obviously a need to sniff my mouth and let me know something was wrong.)

My independent Elsa Clair, who expects me to join her at my office but spends the majority of her time in her Sleepypod on my desk, is aware of my absence. When I went back to work after BlogPaws, she actually opted to sit in my lap instead of curled up in her ‘pouch.

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