Girl Tells Dog, “I Love You,” and He Responds, “I Love You, Too.”

Though we all adore our pets, we sometimes wish we could communicate with them more directly – or for them to communicate with us.

You’re familiar with the sensation. You’ve got a dog that you can’t seem to get to stop digging in the trash. Worse, he always finds a way to eat chocolate, despite the fact that you know it’s bad for him!

Obviously, animal speech has a limited range of possibilities. You’re unlikely to hear your cat or dog say anything to you unless you have a trained talking parrot.

Until you see this video, that is.

One little puppy was trying its hardest to join the conversation in a recent video that went viral.

A dog mom is seen in the video playing with her small puppy, which she has dressed up in a cute jumpsuit. She makes noses at him while pretending to bite his nose. While the camera operator records everything, he barks back.

The entire exchange is adorable in and of itself, and after a brief pause, the mother tells the little doggie, “I love you.”

The dog almost immediately responds with a “I love you” of his own!


Without a doubt, both the mother and the man filming are taken aback.

The mother covers her mouth and bursts out laughing at how cute the child is. Nonetheless, they believe the incident was a one-time occurrence.

They try again to prove it wasn’t the first time. Just a few moments later, the mother says, “I love you.” Her dog responds with a loving little bark of his own, as if on cue. The mother laughs yet again.


If this little guy keeps using this trick, we’re guessing he’ll become spoiled!

The video has already been viewed over 12 million times on YouTube.

Obviously, the dog in the video is adorable beyond belief, but the video’s (and similar videos’) popularity suggests a broader love for animals.

Even though we all adore our pets and would go to great lengths for them, there is always a communication barrier that keeps us at least somewhat apart.

It’s easy to see why it warms our hearts so much whenever we have a true moment when we feel like our animal companions truly understand us.

We’ll be watching this clip over and over until someone invents a machine that allows us to communicate with our dogs!


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