Four dogs are obstructing traffic because their friend is down.

In many parts of the world, stray dogs are far too common, and as a result, they often have nothing but each other.

As dog owners, we understand how important love and companionship are to them, which is why we refer to them as Man’s Best Friend. Their devotion knows no bounds, as the heartbreaking video below demonstrates.

Four dogs were spotted in the middle of the road in China, surrounding a friend who had been hit by a car. As they hoped for the best, the puppies were blocking traffic and forcing cars to go around them.

The person can be seen nudging the dog’s body, as if trying to wake him up. However, dogs are intelligent creatures. They realized he was gone at one point, but they continued to stand guard and protect their companion. It’s what they’re good at.

Dogs are known to be emotional animals that can show empathy and feel traumatic pain from loss in the same way that humans do. One of the reasons they make such wonderful pets is because of this. This group of four was not about to abandon their friend in the middle of the road.


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