For 35 days, a woman saves a cracked duck egg and carries it in her bra.

Betsy Ross of Visalia, California, understands what having children entails, so she opted to conserve a fractured duck egg. The story began when Betsy, her children, and her husband went to the park to play pickleball.

They were saddened when they discovered a smashed duck nest while playing. Betsy and her family spent time searching for the eggs and discovered one that was cracked. As a result, Betsy decided to save it by bringing it home with her.

She contacted a local wildlife rescue group and asked if they would accept the duck if she hatched it, and they agreed. As a result, she hid the cracked egg in her bra to keep it warm and moist. Betsy also mentioned that she only had to flip the egg every 4-5 days.

Betsy then began researching how to care for a duckling and what to do after it hatches. After doing some research, she realized she needed to stop rotating the egg because it was in need of a lot of humidity at this point. So she went to the store and bought a lot of tape, a bowl of water, gallon baggies, a plastic container, and a lamp to build her own hatching box.

Fortunately, the duckling hatchling survived, but he was so weak that he couldn’t stand or move. As a result, Betsy assisted him by providing him with some water. Betsy went on to say that one day she would wake up to find him awake. As a result, she’d let him splash around in the mud puddles and in the tub.

She also mentioned that the adorable duckling would sleep with her during the day and respond to her voice! Then she realized she needed to get him to a better place.

As a result, she called a rescue connection she knew, who located a little rescue farm for her. The good news is that he has a new human female who adores him, and he is in good health. What a happy conclusion!

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