Every Second Of His Healing Bath Is Deserved By This Ho.rri.bly A.bu.sed Dog

Rudy the Pit Bull is deserving of a nice, soothing bath. Last November, he was discovered discarded in a plastic bucket, in bad form, at a shelter in New York City.

He didn’t have much fur, and his skin was covered with deep scars, most likely from battery acid and cigarette burns.

He was also unable to walk due to a badly fractured front leg. He has Cushings Disease, which has gone undiagnosed, to add to his already dire situation.

Courtney Bellew, the director of the Northeast branch of Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation (SNARR), rescued him after the city shelter requested assistance.

Despite her experience caring for seriously ill animals, Courtney’s heart sank when she saw Rudy. She hesitated to shoot his front leg since it was in such horrible state, she told the Huffington Post.

Rudy was also emotionally damaged. The organization posted on Facebook, “It’s a wonder this shattered youngster survived.” “From the moment we rescued him, Rudy was appreciative and nothing but a lovebug, except from being absolutely afraid and wary of a gentle human touch.”

Medicated baths have been really beneficial to Rudy.

Rudy taking one of his special spa treatments, which are helping his skin and fur mend, was shared by the group.

Luckily, his foster parents are veterinarians and can give him all the medical attention he needs while he heals.

They also have a beautiful New England farm home where his spirit can heal and he’s surrounded by love. His days are filled with friends: children, dogs, cats and barn animals like Harold the lamb.

“Rudy’s eyes are full with love and optimism, and when he looks at you, he has a way of catching your heart right away,” Courtney told HuffPost. “He has always enjoyed being pampered and continues to do so today, as seen by his spa treatments. I’m simply grateful we have the opportunity to show him a decent life.”

They continued to show him a happy life till he passed away. Rudy went away owing to difficulties with his spinal illness, according to an update to the original post above.

Before Rudy died, SNARR and his foster family pampered him as much as they could. I’m grateful Rudy had the opportunity to spend his final months surrounded by affection.

SNARR’s outstanding rescue activities may be followed on their Facebook page.

Please tell your friends about Rudy’s tale in honor of this courageous and loving dog!

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