Due to an overeager sheepdog puppy, a farmer was surprised to find a flock of sheep in her home.

Thanks to her Border Collie dog, Rocky, a farmer was surprised to find a flock of sheep in her living room. Rosalyn Edwards was preparing dinner in her kitchen when she became aware of unusual noises.

When she turned around, she was taken aback to find nine sheep in her Devon home. Rocky had apparently noticed an open gate to the house and had triumphantly “taken the sheep home,” as sheep herders say.

“Rocky the sheepdog, given a whole new meaning to ‘carrying the sheep home!'” Rosalyn Edwards wrote in her introduction to the humorous encounter on Facebook.

With the pee, dung, and muck, the sheep looked to have caused quite a mess, but Rosalyn and her husband were eventually able to shoo the animals out of their home and back into the fields where they belong.

“Rocky did look rather happy with himself,” Rosalyn told the , “but he’s going to require further training.”

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