Dogs Show Off How Excited They Are To Return Home From Vacation

In an adorable video shared on Reddit, two dogs expressed their delight at returning home from a vacation. A man is seen in the video opening a door. When a dog’s head appears, two dogs push past their father to get inside first and start rolling around. One takes the best seat on the couch, while the other rubs his chin on the floor.

“They’re like, ‘I missed you floor!'” said one redditor. ‘I’ve been missing you, couch!'” Another person commented on the dogs’ body language, saying, “Those wagging tails tell how happy they are to be home again.”

“It must have been a t.e.r.r.i.b.le vacation for them,” hydez10Damn remarked wryly.

kas435red replied “Whenever I get home from a very disappointing and overly expensive vacation, I roll around like that.”

We are the dogs – we roamed, but we adore the smell of HOME!
We went on a ‘vacation’ with a friend (but couldn’t wait for it to be over!)
You took us out, drove us around (with You, we’ll go anywhere!)
BUT NOW – YAY! We’ll be back:@):@)
Our dog’s hearts yearn for home!
We rush inside as the keys are inserted into the door, across the floor, the wood, the rug, the couch – the SMELLS!!
The Coziness of LOVE makes our fur fly, and our dog hearts soar.

But what exactly are the dogs doing? It appears to be scenting activity, according to Redditor darkwyverna, who has worked with dogs for ten years.

“These dogs hadn’t been home in a long time and are rubbing their scent back into the house,” darkwyverna explained. “The person on the couch is exchanging scents with what is most likely their favorite place using a full body technique.” The scent glands in their cheeks are used to mark the entrance by the one in front. This is the ‘human-approved’ version of scent marking.”

Another redditor speculates that the dogs are not only re-scenting, but also wiping away any foreign scents they may have on themselves in order to “smell like home.”

However, one person believes the dogs are also acting human-like. “Mine was always happy to get home as well,” they wrote, referring to their own dogs. Homes, I believe, are simply familiar to them. Even if you bring their beds, toys, and other belongings with them, it’s not the same as having them at home.”

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