Dog walked away from her five puppies to look for food and never returned. Fortunately, they were placed in good hands.

When their mother went out to look for food and never returned, these five puppies became orphaned. People fed the puppies for two weeks before calling an animal organization called Hope For Paws’ emergency line.

Hope For Paws volunteers arrived on the scene right away. They cordoned off the area so they could try to capture the puppies. The first two were simple to catch, but the remaining three were terrified, making it more difficult to capture them.

Finally, all five puppies were taken into custody and returned to their clinic for a medical checkup and some much-needed baths. They were then taken to Lucky Puppy, where they were given proper care and lots of love.

Check out their incredible in the video below, and stay tuned until the end to see how happy they are now! They went from being abandoned outside without their mother to being safe and healthy indoors playing with each other.

They were thankfully, and hopefully they will soon find their forever homes!

They’ll never have to worry about living alone outside again, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, many stray puppies must spend their entire lives on the streets, never knowing what it’s like to be a pet or receiving human attention or love.

Thankfully, thanks to the people who alerted and the themselves, these puppies will not have to go through that!

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