Dog Wakes Owner Moments Before A Meteor Crashes Into Her Bed

This is Toby — a sweet and attentive rescue dog who lives in Canada with his owner, Ruth Hamilton. Since she adopted him, the pup has been her inseparable friend.

But recently, Toby proved himself to be her hero, too.

The other night, Hamilton was lying in bed asleep when, at around 11:30, she was stirred awake by an unexpected sound. It was Toby — and his message seemed urgent.

“He barked twice, as if to say, ‘Get up!'” Hamilton told The Dodo. “It was a loud bark. My family likes to believe he caused me to roll over.”

And it’s a good thing that he did.

Moments later, Hamilton heard a crash directly overhead.

Incredibly, a sizable chunk of meteor had come crashing through Hamilton’s home at high speed, landing almost in the exact spot where she had been dozing.

“I jumped out of bed. I was totally uninjured,” Hamilton said. “Toby stopped barking, and I thought, ‘Did that really just happen?'”

Hamilton later reported the incident, and it was confirmed that the rock was indeed most likely from outer space; other witnesses in the area confirmed having seen a meteor crashing to Earth that evening.

The warning Hamilton got from Toby may have saved her life. But how did the pup know a few moments in advance?

“I was told there is sometimes a bang when meteors enter the atmosphere. He might have been responding to that,” Hamilton said. “Being a dog, his hearing is better than ours. But we’ll never know for certain.”

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