Dog Is Hungry Sleeping on a Pile of Tiles to Stay Warm Has a Fantastic Effect

After being resc.ued from a garage yard, a young dog in “hear.tbreaki,ng condition” has made a remarkable rec.overy. Arnia is one of four dogs res.cued by Howl of A Dog after they were discovered malno.urished and ill among 15 dogs living in the garage. According to the res.cue, they were unfortunate victlms of a dog hoarding situation where someone’s good intentions went awry.

Arnia and the other two dogs, Anuka and Alma, were snug.gled on a pile of sun-heated tiles to remain warm in Romania’s cold December weather. The little canines were unable to battle for the limited food they received due to their size.

“She was in a horrible condition: malnourished, anemic, deh,ydrated, having muscular spasms, and suffering from giardiasis,” Howl of A Dog writes.

They returned her and the other dogs to their shelter, where they could begin their much-needed rec.overy.

The 2 to 3 year old dog has the “ of a young puppy, bou.ncing with delight, playing with pretty much everything, and excitedly speeding around the yard,” according to her res.cuers. Her eyes are really lovely and soulful. Her progress from before to now is simply amazing!

Arnia is currently available for adoption through Howl Of A Dog.

You can learn more about Anuka by clicking here. The video of Alma’s res.cue can be found here. She, too, has undergone a remarkable shift!

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