Dog Hugs Dad, Who Has Finally Come Back To The Shelter To Save Him

Lewis Jimenez was forced to give up his beloved dog, Titus, and it took four months for him to be reunited with him.

Lewis had to return Titus to Austin Animal Center, where he had adopted him as a puppy, after being told he couldn’t keep the Pit bull in his apartment. He would be evicted if he did not get rid of the dog.

Lewis didn’t have anywhere else to stay and no one to look after Titus, so he brought Titus to the shelter.

Although he told the shelter staff he would return for Titus, the staff were skeptical because it is something they hear from owners all the time and they never follow through. But Lewis and his family returned as soon as they could, and Austin Animal Center shared the happy day on Facebook and made sure a photographer was present to capture the joyous reunion.

According to the shelter:

“These photos right here make our hearts sing.

“Titus has been working with us for four months. His family was forced to surrender him due to apartment complex issues, but they’ve been working tirelessly to bring him home ever since.”

“Titus has been stressed out at the shelter and has been having a difficult time in general.” His family would come to see him, but we can’t imagine how heartbroken they would be if they had to leave without him. They had raised him since he was a puppy, and they were the only family he had ever known.”

“Yesterday was the day we’d all been looking forward to. Titus’ father arrived to take him home after he had moved into new quarters. And, as evidenced by the photos, happiness is an understatement at this time.”

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