Dog carries an empty bowl from door to door in the hopes of being fed.

The “World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S)” has a dedicated program called “American Strays Project.” Concentrate on the issue of neglected pets. During their research for this project, the volunteers came across an incredibly shocking scene in a run-down Detroit neighborhood.

Relocating from one residence to another In the thorny place, the dog is looking for his own path, hoping to find someone who will look after him. In any case, he has nothing to expect because the space is nothing more than a vast expanse of no man’s land devoid of people.

When the volunteers saw the poor dog crawling around with the saddest expression, they were terrified. They pursued the dog for about five houses before finally filling his bowl with food and providing him with enough water to drink. As a result, the volunteers made certain that the poor creatures in the aban.doned areas received the attention they deserved.

Many people hope that stray animals will either find a way to eat or that someone will look after them. However, the harsh reality is that they are in a never-ending state of agony as a result of the vulnerability that surrounds their next meal. We hope that this enlightening video persuades people all over the world to pay special attention to the homeless dogs in their communities.

Watch an extremely poor dog fight from one direction to the other with an empty bowl in the video below.

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