Cute Corgi Comes Up with the Funniest Way to Get Out of Taking His Med.icine

Bobo the Corgi is adamant about not taking his med.icine and tells his father “no way” in the cutest way possible.

This is what it goes like:

Dad: Let’s go get some med.icine.
Dad: You have to take your meds.
Dad: Do you eat toast?
Bobo: (Are you sure?)
Dad: Do you take your med.icine?

It’ll take a lot of persuasion to persuade Bobo!

Anyone who has a dog understands how difficult it is to give them medi.cine. Even people, let’s face it, despise taking it. That is why children’s medi.cines are frequently sweetened and disguised as candy. Giving your dog his or her tablets and liquid medi.cines should follow the same logic. By rewarding them with a treat after they take it, you can make it taste nice and be a fun experience for them. You might also wrap pills in food, such as a piece of cheese or pork. Alternatively, try a well-known product such as Greenies Pill Pockets or Milk-Bone Pill Pouches. In our essay, we go through a few more pointers. How to Give a Pill to Your Dog Without Making a Mess

Using a treat (such as squirting it on top of banana slices) or mixing it with their meal is the easiest approach to give your dog a liquid medication (canned or kibble). You’ll have to use a syringe if your dog doesn’t appreciate it mixed with their meal. Place the syringe tip behind one of the canine teeth in the mouth (fangs). This is the finest spot since you can slide the tip between the teeth. The medication will be squirted onto your dog’s tongue if you angle the syringe correctly.

Make careful to squeeze the syringe slowly enough for your dog to ingest it without receiving a shock. Don’t be concerned if your dog spits some out or if you don’t get it all in. It is said that practice makes perfect. Give your dog a treat and lots of praise when he or she has eaten the liquid.

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