Chata Is A Tiny Kitten Who Sleeps Like A Human And Is Taking Over Instagram.

If there is one thing that all cat lovers agree on, it is that cats prefer to sleep more than anything else.

They’ll sleep whenever they choose, whether it’s during the day, night, noon, or breakfast. They sleep on our beds, floors, faces, laptops, and practically everywhere they can fit.

And we couldn’t be happier (except for the laptop, perhaps), because a sleeping cat is one of the most beautiful sights on the planet.

And now, one adorable kitten has found a way to make napping even more adorable!

Chata, a little munchkin kitten, has developed a unique and endearing resting style: he sleeps flat on his back, just like a miniature human.

Chata is so adorable that photos of him sleeping in a beautiful pose rapidly became viral on Instagram.

We’re utterly enamored with this little bundle of joy, so we had to gather some gorgeous images for you!

Chata, as if he wasn’t cute enough already, like to lie on his back.

The beautiful kitty appears to be attempting to sleep like a human.

He always sleeps on his back, no matter where or when he sleeps.

One thought on “Chata Is A Tiny Kitten Who Sleeps Like A Human And Is Taking Over Instagram.”

  1. It’s adorable, but very strange because Cats are designed to walk on all fours which would normally mean lying on their back’s would be harder, but this little guy seems to be an exception to the rule!

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