Woman Joins Facebook Group in Incorrect Country, Receives Gift Box, and Makes New Friends

A British woman joined the wrong Facebook group by accident and ended up making new acquaintances hundreds of miles away. Sue Perry was seeking for a means to get rid of some unwanted items and decided to join a Facebook group in her hometown of Wakefield, England. However, she ended up mistakenly joining a club from Wakefield, Quebec, Canada.

She instantly understood there was a problem.

“It was the skis, ski boots, and warm gear that sort of gave it away, as well as the unfamiliar town names.” “I believe Edelweiss was one of them,” Perry remarked in an interview with CBC’s As It Happens.

“I put up a post to say, ‘Whoops, I’m sorry I joined the wrong Wakefield group, I’m in the U.K., and I hope you all keep safe across the pond,'” she says.

A number of Canadians began to inquire about her situation in the United Kingdom. Perry was relieved to have a distraction because his daughter and son-in-law are both in the medical field and had contracted COVID-19 at the time. One of the members of the group came up with the idea to send Perry a care package during one of their online chats.

A massive shipment containing maple syrup, honey, T-shirts, books, and even a Wakefield nude calendar (which Perry thought was a joke) appeared on her porch within a short period.

The parcel also included a present from the mayor of Quebec for the mayor of British Wakefield, which Perry was asked to send forward, according to the Wakefield Express.

“…When the box was filled, people gave money to pay for the mailing, which is simply amazing. It’s quite humiliating…. “I shed a few tears,” Perry admitted.

Perry claims that the mayor of Wakefield wants to send a comfort package to Quebec, to which she will gladly contribute.

Perry has received a lot of feedback since her tale went viral. People like her narrative, she believes, because it illustrates how much we all have in common. This sentiment is reinforced by a message written on the parcel by someone while it was in transit. “The spirit of compassion and charity is alive and strong in the human heart,” it said.

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