Calf was born on Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped birthmark

Farmer James McAuley and his three children, Harry, Emily and Jack got a big surprise on Valentine’s day. A calf was born on their farm in Northern Ireland with a remarkable heart-shaped patch on its head. Now this cow, they called “Be My Valentine” has people falling in love with her all over the world. However you feel about Valentine’s Day, it would be difficult to deny the birth of this calf was one of the most unusual coincidences, as well as cutest things to occur, so far in 2020.

2 thoughts on “Calf was born on Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped birthmark

  1. It is un usual. And precious.
    My Daughter has a Chihuahua that was born on Valentines day, and he has a white heart on his forehead, very clear to see.!

  2. Please take a physical look at this picture. I do not see anything unseemly to this picture of very adorable children and a calf. You allow women in see thru outfits showing their private parts yet you somehow find this picture offensive.

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