Bulldog Sneaks Into Stable To Cuddle With His Horse Friend

Some canines are adept at becoming friends with people of all kinds, including animals of different species.

We’ve all seen it happen: a friendly dog makes an odd buddy, such as a newborn deer, a raccoon, or another animal.

A huge horse named Corelli is Homer the bulldog’s best friend.

Jose Fumero Hernandez owns both Homer and Corelli. They live in Madrid, Spain, where Jose works as a Spanish International showjumper with horses like Corelli.

Jose may have gotten Corelli for business purposes, but it doesn’t make him any less of a member of the family, and Homer is always making sure he knows it.

Homer will occasionally slip into the stables for some cuddling and quality time with Corelli. Their friendship is priceless!

Jose happened to whip out his camera just in time to film the two meeting one other on one of these occasions. Homer can be seen sprinting up to Corelli, who was sitting in a stall, in the footage.

Corelli reaches her head down, and the two of them have a magical moment.

“Brothers from a different mother Corelli and Homer cuddling in the morning at the stable!!” Jose captioned the video.

What a lovely occasion:


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