Bonded Cats Wait At Shelter Window Every Day Hoping To Be Adopted Together

Xeno and Ripley do everything together — they sleep together, eat together, play together and are now raising their eight kittens together.

“They are inseparable sisters who even walk around with their tails linked,” Sarah MacLeod, a volunteer at Exploits Valley SPCA, told The Dodo.

The young moms arrived at Exploits Valley SPCA in late September. Both cats were under a year old and only weighed about 4 pounds when they were rescued and transported to the shelter by volunteers with Boyd’s Cove TNR Project.

The co-parenting mamas moved into a spacious room with plenty of toys and cozy bedding to keep them comfortable, and now the little family is thriving.

The moms know that raising a family this big is a two-cat job.

The two litters are so bonded that there’s no way to tell which kitten belongs to which mom, and that’s just the way Xeno and Ripley like it.

When the mama cats aren’t busy caring for their rambunctious kittens, they can be found standing side by side, looking out the window of their room, hoping a potential adopter walks by.

“They love looking out the glass door into the hallway,” MacLeod said. “They adore people and attention!”

A few of the kittens have families ready to take them home, but, sadly, neither mom has received a single application.

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