Because he doesn’t understand why they dumped him, senior dog hangs his head and weeps.

Niu, a 14-year-old dog, has been his owner’s faithful companion throughout his life. He unconditionally loved his mortal, but not the proprietor, who writes, “I love my dog so much.”

When the proprietor’s new significant other claimed to be “antipathetic” to Ox, he didn’t hesitate to hand over the frail elderly baby to the nearest sanctum.

When the staff at the Humane Society of Hamilton County in Indiana saw Ox’s agitated gesture in his kennel shortly after his owner had left, they were heart.broken. The cow cried like a faiIed child as he hung his head from his kennel bed. His heart had been irreversibly broken, and the workers were well aware that elderly people like him would quickly lose their will to live or be fired.

The sanctum indecently shared Ox’s dreadful kennel print on social media, which drew the attention of a large number of people. A woman drove to the sanctuary and supported Ox just two hours after participating in the post! Ox’s spirit was lifted when he put himself in the hands of another caring person, even though he was still shaken by what had happened that day.

Ox gradually warmed up to his new family and began to smile once more in his new home. His new mother and mortal brothers and sisters love him unconditionally, make him comfortable, and are never fanatical about him, which brings back memories of the previous owner.

Niu recognizes that he is a valued member of his new family, but his heart is no longer capable of healing from his previous betrayal and treason. The poor cow died in the arms of the woman who cheered for his final days six months after he resigned. Ox, we hope you’re doing better now. Squeeze, take a deep breath and relax.

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