Baby’s Swaddle is st.o.len by a sweet dog so she can sleep in her crate with it.

Khaleesi is a big-hearted Rhodesian Ridgeback. Since meeting baby Max, the Rhodesian Ridgeback has kept a close eye on him and enjoys being near him. Elana Stein and her son, Max, shared a few adorable photos with DogHeirs of Khaleesi.

Since she was a puppy, Khaleesi has been a very affec.tio.nate dog.

Elana explained, “My two-month-old Ridgeback knew I wasn’t feeling well and spent the day with me under the covers.”

“We were w/o/rr/i/e/d about how our dog would react when we brought our 6-day-old son home from the h/o/s/p/i/t/al,” Elana told DogHeirs. “I believe she adores him more than the rest of us.”

Their Rhodesian Ridgeback, Max, is very sweet and prot.ective of him. “She already sits and watches him in his crib to make sure he’s okay,” Elana explained. “She snatched a swaddle and sleeps in her crate with it.”

“Khaleesi is now ten months old. Elana explained, “I got her when I was 7 months pregnant because my husband travels a lot and wanted someone to pr.ot.ect me while he was gone.” “She is so patient with Max,” says the narrator.

The neighbor’s friendly French Bulldog also pays Max and Khaleesi a visit on a regular basis. “Our neighbors have a one-year-old French bulldog with whom we have a daily play date. “The two puppies have been watching over Max since he was born,” Elana explained.

“The French bulldog in this picture hasn’t seen him in three days and couldn’t stop his face, and Max just loved it,” she explained. It makes me think of pure joy.”

“A lot of people told us not to get a dog right before we had a baby,” Elana explained, “but we’ve gone to great lengths to train them both to be best friends.”

“Max is learning how to properly pet her, but he still p.o.k.e.s her in the eye, and she lets him,” Elana explained. “He climbs into her crate and cuddles with her.”

The a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e duo is well on their way to becoming lifelong best friends!

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