Baby Cam Captures A Smart Golden Retrievers Assisting a Toddler in Getting Out of Her Room

The two Golden Retrievers owned by Nina and Chris Cardinal are adorable, intelligent, and cunning. While her parents were sleeping, the two criminal partners were discovered sneaking into Chloe’s room and breaking her out!

“The other morning, my wife discovered our 15-month-old daughter walking in the hallway. This was startling to say the least, given that she can’t reach the doorknob in her room yet,” Chris writes.

The mystery was solved after a study of their baby monitor. Bleu and Colby were Chloe’s canine assistants. Colby appears to have a knack for unlocking doors. The two dogs crept into Chloe’s room and startled her awake.

Why did they do it, exactly? “Lately she’s been dropping food for them from their bin,” Chris explains, “so they felt she must be excellent to assist them give them breakfast.”

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