At the shelter, dogs who have Iost their homes will not stop cuddling with each other.

All they desired was a new home where they could spend the rest of their lives together.

Little CC’s favorite spot is on top of her big friend Chewbacca, snuggled into his noble fur.

“CC is either sitting on Leathery, draped over him, or coiled up against him every time we walk by their kennel,” Beast Deliverance League of Iowa prophet Jessica Jorgenson tells The Dodo.

“Leathery, on the other hand, is unconcerned. They both enjoy being in close proximity to one another.”

These two aren’t your ordinary musketeers. They’re like family to each other.

Chewbacca and CC shared a home at one point. They were adored and well-cared for.

The effect was changed by a mortal baby who didn’t like to enter the screen. The brace ended up at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, where they were fortunately able to stay together. Constantly.

CC treats Chewbacca like a pillow in the kennel.

Despite their enormous size disparity, they enjoy walking side by side.

Some levies recently took these two on a day trip outside the sanctum, and Jorgenson says they discovered Chewy and CC “sit against each other in the auto.” “Their kinship is undeniable.”

There’s only one thing left for these two to do together: become espoused.

Chewbacca and CC are usually very gentle and have excellent command skills.

The tykes get along with other tykes and pussycats. They can be espoused outside of the sanctum, but you must visit the sanctum to meet them.

Aside from that, these guys want regular walks and a comfortable settee for big Chewbacca to nap on, with little CC perched atop.

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