At the lonely pier, a lost dog waits for his family to return.

A heartwarming Hollywood story took place in Bangkok, Thailand.

A dog fell off a boat in the middle of the ocean by accident. This poor creature made it back to shore by paddling. Skating through sharks, waves, and the odd piece of driftwood. A brave and heroic deed that would have made him a celebrity in and of itself.

Surprisingly, the story does not end there. This stunning creature took up residence on the jetty. Day in and day out, prowling the dock’s columns and buttresses.

His heart was filled with sadness all of the time. He’s on the lookout for his loved ones.

They never came back, sadly. She sat vigil and ramrod straight for over a month, staring off into the distance, searching for her beloved clan.


The situation appeared hopeless, and it was clear that her relatives would not return. That unless fate intervened, this sweet and loyal dog would spend the rest of her days enthralled by a mirage that would never materialize.

Fortunately, that fickle mistress of gamblers decided to lend a helping hand to this pup. Fortunately, the puppy’s affection besieged the heart of a kind stranger.

He made the decision to adopt her and provide her with a permanent home near the docks. Watch their story in the video below.

Tha Ruea, he named her in honor of her longing… Which translates to “Pier.”

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