At the groomer’s, a senior St. Bernard gets the pampering she deserves.

When it comes to grooming elderly dogs, more caution is required. Vanessa De Prophetis of Girl With The Dogs recognizes this and gives Daisy the St. Bernard a relaxing spa day. The first stop is the shower, where Daisy’s groomer takes her to a special shower for special needs and old dogs like Daisy because she has trouble walking and is senior.

Vanessa reveals some interesting facts about the breed while giving Daisy a bath. While blowdrying Daisy, the camera slows down to allow viewers to see the dog’s jowls up close. We found it strangely calming and amusing.

Daisy’s ears are filthy, and her nails are in in need of some extra elbow grease, but it’s all in a day’s work for Vanessa.

Vanessa commented in the YouTube video, “Daisy is an old girl with a golden heart.” “This movie will be a treasured keepsake for her owners, and I’m thrilled I was able to help them achieve their goal!”

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