After three years apart, two cute dogs have reunited.

Reddit user @sankeyr posted, “I rescued a beagle from a laboratory.” “He had spent the first four years of his life in the laboratory, never seeing the sun or stepping on fresh grass. He had a tattoo of letters and numbers in his ear that the lab had placed there. Let’s pretend the number was ABC001. My wife and I moved into a bigger house with a vast backyard after owning him for around three years, and we had always planned to rescue another dog when we had a bigger house with a backyard. So we went to the laboratory and got another dog.

“We brought our dog with us, and he immediately made friends with one of the other beagles. They played for a long time, and he didn’t appear to notice any other dogs. They had a striking resemblance in appearance and demeanor. The dog he was playing with was extremely shy, and he had previously been rescued but returned to his owners. ‘Well, our dog likes him, so that’s good enough,’ we said. As a result, we take him home. He also has a tattoo on his ear that is one level higher than our present dog’s, such as ABC002. We felt that was strange, so we looked into it further. We called the lab to obtain more information, and it turns out that our new puppy is the older brother of our current dog!”

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