After the deputy finds their lost dog, little children are brought to tears.

When a dog goes missing, it’s always upsetting, but after being reunited with their beloved canine, one family’s tears of grief changed into tears of pleasure.

A dog named Max vanished from his Bexar County, Texas, home in May. His frightened family put up notices all throughout the area and searched everywhere in the hopes that their dog would come up.

Max was a mixed-breed dog who flyers characterized as being “very friendly” and “extremely quiet and nice.”

His relatives remarked, “We miss him greatly.

Max’s family was distraught since he was nowhere to be found, but in July, there was a breakthrough in the investigation.

According to the agency, Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Perez received a complaint regarding a dog that was “found wandering in the area.”

Perez arrived and immediately recognized the dog as one she had seen on the missing fliers circulating the neighborhood. He got in touch with the family, and sure enough, it was Max who had been missing for weeks.

Deputy Perez not only helped to make the lovely reunion possible, but he also got to see the touching moment when the children of the family were reunited with their pet.

The family’s two young daughters can be seen embracing Max in pictures provided by the sheriff’s office, one of them so happy she couldn’t help but cry.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office stated that “Max and his family were reunited and as you can see on the children’s faces, they could not be happier.”

The wonderful tale gained a lot of attention on Facebook, where it received almost 2,000 likes and hundreds of comments, many of which commended the deputy for facilitating this heartwarming reunion.

“That adorable, appreciative expression says so much!” There is one comment.

Another person remarked, “To see these tiny kids face this is priceless!” These little creatures profoundly affect our hearts.

Thank you to Deputy Perez for assisting in the emotional reunion of Max and his frightened family. Witnessing this emotional reunion firsthand served as a reminder of the value of dogs in our lives and the necessity of returning lost animals to their owners.

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