After being turned down by potential adopters, a shelter dog is left with a broken heart.

“He got all dressed up and excited… but they never showed.”

Hendrix is in such a bad way. We hope this poor dog finds a true forever home soon, even if it wasn’t meant to be this time!

Every sanctum canine only wants to return to their forever home. They’re all waiting for that wonderful day when they’ll be espoused and adopted by their new family.


However, after being turned down by implicit adopters, one poor canine’s excitement turned to heartbreak recently — but the sanctum is still determined to find this long-staying canine a home.

The Kentucky Humane Society’s longest occupant is Hendrix, a 4-year-old Chinese Shar-Pei/ Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix. He was taken in last April and has been waiting for a home for months, watching as other pets were adopted instead of him.

KHS, on the other hand, has been working hard to find a home for this “incredibly smart, immensely pious, adorably” dog.

KHS wrote on Facebook, “He’s got the smile of a champion, the cuddling chops of a glutinous parent who can’t believe their baby is graduating high academy, the house-training capacities of an honor roll student who refuses to excuse themselves for a restroom break during class, and most importantly – the boy has heart.”

” He has a big heart, and he deserves to be loved as much as we do.”

KHS finally found Hendrix a home recently, and arranged for interested adopters to meet him — only to be dealt yet another disappointment and setback.

Hendrix was eager to meet the new family and “agitated and dressed up” each of them. But when the family didn’t show up, he was devastated.

KHS wrote, “Jimi Hendrix is sad.” It’s ruinous to watch him stay excited for a family to arrive only to be turned down. We can’t bear it when our sweet boy is sad.”

They took part in a heartbreaking print of a dog lying on its back, looking disappointed.

The print piqued the interest of internet users, who responded with energizing words for the standing dog.

One person wrote, “Hang in there, Hendrix.” ” They were simply not the right family for you.” Your entire family will be here.”

” It appears to me that they don’t earn you, sweet boy!” another has been added. ” The right family will show up,” says the narrator.

However, KHS is more determined than ever to find Hendrix the perfect home after this heartbreaking incident.

Hendrix requires a home without pussycats and would be the only pet in such a home. But surely, somewhere near you, there is a home for this sweet dog.

“Everyone at the Kentucky Humane Society adores Jimi Hendrix, and we just want him to have a wonderful life with someone who loves him as much as we do,” the organization wrote.

We feel bad for Hendrix because he got his expedients up only to be stood up at the last nanosecond after staying so long. They were clearly not the family he deserved.

However, perhaps someone will be moved by Hendrix’s tragic story and decide to borrow him for real!

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