After a truck accident, a ‘Guardian angel’ dog saves his owner by running to get help.

Officers noticed the German Shepherd running down the interstate and quickly realized he was attempting to lead them to the crash site so her owner could receive immediate medical attention.

Tinsley, you’re a hero!

We all remember the old television show Lassie, about a smart collie who is always ready to save the day, such as when Timmy gets stuck in the well and runs for help.

While it may appear that the show is far-fetched, it turns out that it isn’t. We’ve seen numerous stories of real, quick-thinking pets who have saved lives by running to help.
That was the case recently, when a brave German led police to the scene of a car acc.ident, saving his owner.

Trooper Sandberg and officers from the Lebanon Police Department saw a German canineloose on the interstate on January 3, according to New Hampshire State Police.

They attempted to capture the dog, but it bolted down the trail, crossing into Vermont. The officers pursued, soon realizing the dog wasn’t fleeing, but rather attempting to lead them.
They discovered a broken rail, which led them to a badly damaged volley truck that had rolled over.

On the scene, two of the vehicle’s occupants were inj.ured. They were still alive, but they were “hypothermic and severely inj.ured.”

Tinsley, the German Cowgirl, was also in the vehicle at the time of the crash, and the alert canine had called for assistance.

New Hampshire State Police wrote on Facebook, “It quickly became apparent that Tinsley led Trooper Sandberg to the crash point and inj.ured residents.”

Tinsley, thankfully, was unharmed in the accident. Officers requested medical assistance for the inj.ured men.

Tinsley’s owner, Cam Laundry, was one of the men. He was proud of his dog’s quick thinking, and he wasn’t surprised when he needed help.


Cam told CBS Boston, “He’s my little guardian angel.” “How he has that kind of intelligence to do what he did is a phenomenon.”
He told WMUR that “he never leaves my side.” “So in that truck that got wrecked, we’re always together, he’s always my co-pilot, he’s always with me.”

Tinsley remained by her owner’s side, and after saving his life, the “guardian angel” kept an eye on him as he recovered from the in.cident.
“It sat there nice and calm right coming to its proprietor the whole time we were starting our patient care,” said Hartford Fire Department Captain Jack Hedges.

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