After 500 days in a shelter, an unwanted dog saved from euthanasia is still looking for a home.

Buddy was surrendered by his owner, who requested that he be put down. Thankfully, Buddy’s life was spared by the vets, but 500 days later, he still hasn’t found a new home.

We hope this lovely dog finds a loving home soon!

When pets are surrendered by their owners, it’s always heart.breaking, especially when the owners actually want the dog put to sleep.

That was one canine’s sad story, and unfortunately, things didn’t get much better from there. Though the dog survived, he spent 500 days looking for a new forever home.
But this dog hasn’t given up hope, and his caregivers are hopeful that a perfect family is just around the corner.

Buddy, a ten-year-old terrier, has spent more time than any other dog at the RSPCA Brent Knoll Animal Centre in Somerset, England. He was brought there by stagers in the year 2020, after his previous owners attempted to have him euthanized.

Buddy had a “less than ideal relationship” with the proprietor, according to the RSPCA. “There was a clear breakdown in communication between them, which manifested in misconstructions,” they wrote.

Thankfully, the stagers declined their request, saving the dog’s life and giving him the chance to find a new family.


Buddy has been described as a ” tender chap” and a “cute lad” by his RSPCA caregivers, despite his troubled past. And, while his previous owner aban.doned him due to some arduous geste, he has greatly improved with lots of love and training.

Despite this, Buddy recently celebrated his 500th day in the sanctum. He has spent more time at the RSPCA branch than any other dog.
But they’re still hoping Buddy will find the perfect home as a stopgap. “Bobby has been loving life with us since then… but as much as we love him, we can’t help but wish for him to find a new home,” the RSPCA wrote on Facebook.
Buddy, however, will require a stress-free environment with owners who can continue to provide him with the love and attention he requires.

Buddy’s relinquishment runner reads, “Buddy is going to need a truly special home with conscientious possessors who have time and tolerance to help him live the happiest life possible.” “This life will have to be free of battles, other pets, and other stressors associated with them.”


So, while not every home is right for Buddy, the RSPCA is hopeful that there is still a perfect family out there for him. And whoever takes him in will gain a loyal and athletic companion.

Buddy is no longer a puppy, but he’s still full of energy at ten years old. “Don’t be fooled by his age, this sprat’s still FULL of sap!!” they wrote on Facebook.
Any dog should not be kept in a sanctum for more than 500 days. We hope that, after everything he’s been through, this poor dog finds a forever home soon!

You can still contact Buddy’s relinquishment runner to contact the RSPCA North Somerset Branch!
If you want to be a Buddy supporter,

Still, please help us find this wonderful dog a home by sharing this story!

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