Adorable Stray Cat With ‘Yoda Ears’ Is Now Living A Happy Life Surrounded By Love

An cute kitten stole everyone’s heart at a local vet office in Rowan County, North Carolina, according to this article. The little cat was found with an upper respiratory illness and a neck wound after being rescued as a stray.

According to this article, an adorable cat grabbed everyone’s heart at a neighborhood vet practice in Rowan County, North Carolina. After being rescued as a stray, the small cat was discovered with an upper respiratory infection and a neck wound.

Shelby Beers, a veterinary technician, described the cat, which weighs barely 6.5 pounds, as “adorable.” Shelby also stated that no one knows her age, however she is thought to be around one year old due to her modest size for an adult.

She also stated that the staff provides her with the love and attention she requires in order for her to relax easily and heal properly. The best part is that the Yoda cat not only enjoys hanging out with her human pals, but she also adores being cuddled!

She is very adorable, and because she is so sociable with humans, she will undoubtedly find a forever home!

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