Adorable Situation After a long journey, a dog falls asleep while STANDING UP.

This is the ADORABLE moment when a tired dog battles to keep his eyes open while still standing on a car seat.
Dan Dan, a four-year-old Samoyed puppy, can be seen nodding off while standing on a car seat gazing out the window in the video.

Adorable Moment Dog Falls Asleep While STANDING UP After Long Trip

The furry tourist was caught on tape going in and out of sleep on his way back from a tiring vacation.

An exhausted Samoyed is caught falling asleep while standingThe furry tourist is knackered from going on a holiday with its owner

On the way back from a long vacation, we’ve all struggled to stay awake while feeling fatigued.

The four-year-old Samoyed, nicknamed Dan Dan, was exhausted from the trip He briefly opened his eyes but quickly gave in and dozed off again

Dan Dan can be seen snoozing on the car seat while still standing up. As he laid his head on the window, he opened his eyes for a brief period before dozing off again.

The pet owner is pictured with her four-year-old Samoyed Dan DanThe Chinese couple went on a road trip with their dog during the National Day holiday

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