Adopted Dog Runs Away From His New Homes 11 Times And Returns To The Same Shelter

Dogs who have spent their days in shelters have a life where their sole desire is to be adopted and have their own home and family.
When a dog finds a forever home and is adopted, the shelter will no longer see them, which is a good thing because when shelters see pets that have already found a home, it indicates they were returned and something went horribly wrong.
Meet Gumby, a sociable and lively hound mix who was around 3 or 4 years old and had a good chance of finding a forever home.

When the dog was rescued from the streets and taken to the Charleston Animal Society in South Carolina, a no-kill shelter, the employees were certain that he would be adopted without difficulty.
The sweet furry was soon adopted, just as expected, but something weird happened not once, but multiple times following the adoption.

The family returned the sad puppy to the shelter without giving a reason after three days of adoption, but the shelter didn’t give up. They knew he may be adopted again, and he was, but only for 6 days before being returned to them.

Gumby was adopted numerous more times, and every time he believed he’d met his forever home, he was returned, so what was going on?

The mystery was eventually sold.

Gumby is a master escape dog, which is how he acquired his moniker. The more the shelter staff thought about it, the more they discovered he was exceptional at escaping, possibly the best among his canine pals, and their suspicions were confirmed after they brought in animal behaviorist Donya Satriale.

Donya, the nice dog, felt compelled to assist other terrified animals at the shelter, or to put it another way, the furry had work to do and he wanted to be there to quiet down the worried canines.

After they realized that he wouldn’t stop coming back, the shelter became his forever home, and he now plays and cares for over 50 animals there who are in need of love and comfort.

Even the shelter’s yearly fundraiser highlighted the sweet dog!

Gumby was the fire-dog featured alongside jacked firemen in the annual Charleston Firefighter Calendar, and he is clearly one happy canine.

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