A young man constructs a restaurant to aid street dogs.

We can all help our tiny animal companions with a little effort; if you don’t have the means to bring them in, we can work to make the outside safer and more comfortable for them.

There are numerous street dogs in the United States, but there are also many shelters and facilities that care for them. Unfortunately, not every state supports canines as much as Brazil does.

A young man who loves animals came to rescue with a wonderful idea after seeing the streets of Brazil full with street dogs who fight every day to survive, especially for food.

Joo Arajo, desiring to aid the poor animals who roamed the streets every day, gathered a few resources and constructed a restaurant for dogs that is open 24 hours a day.

He didn’t just leave a dish of food for the dogs to eat; he turned the space into a little restaurant, where the dogs can eat and drink whenever they like.
After seeing how well the concept worked, he established several restaurants throughout the city, all of which were made entirely of recycled materials.

However, bad luck has befallen these small dog shelters, and they have been targeted for theft and destruction. However, with the help of others willing to lend a hand, Joo continues to work on expanding these facilities so that more pups can receive the assistance they require.

“I’ll create two if they steal one.”

Other individuals were inspired by this brilliant idea, and small dog restaurants are springing up all across the country.

Thank you, Joo, for coming up with such a fantastic idea.

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