A woman from Illinois creates fun pajamas for pit bulls to show that they are loving, friendly dogs.

Pit bulls are charming, affectionate, and, for the most part, giant goofballs – but most people don’t see them that way. Because pit bulls are employed as fighting dogs, bully breeds are erroneously characterized as vicious.

However, one Illinois woman intends to change the perception of pit bulls by displaying their playful side in charming dog pajamas.

It all began when Erin Crowley adopted Duncan, a pit bull. She grew “obsessed” with her beloved dog, as do most pet parents, and wanted to reward him with some dog attire. She soon learned, however, that nothing really fit him.

Simultaneously, she recognized that people would go to great lengths to avoid her sweet boy.

“I noticed that folks wouldn’t get in the elevator with us and would wait for the next elevator because they were afraid,” she told WTTW. “I pity him because I knew what a wonderful dog he was.”

However, due to a rare kind of ca.n.c.e.r, their time together was cut short. Duncan d.i.e.d when he was only two years old..

“After his d.e.a.th, I was even more determined to start a line that would help people see pit bulls in a new light,” Crowley said.

She is currently the proud mother of Dougie, a rescue pit bull, and the creator of Pittie Clothing Company. She decided that making bright attire for pitties would be the best way to educate people about the misunderstood breed.

“Melting Hearts, Changing Minds” is her mission.

People who aren’t aware of how amazing pitties are will hopefully be inspired by the interesting patterns. Her other purpose, of course, is to make your pit bull the cutest dog on the street.

“All You Avo Wanted,” “Chasin’ Rainbows,” and “Smilin’ Sharkies” are some of the most popular prints.

As if that weren’t enough, she also makes adult PJs that match so you and your bestie can match. The two-year-old clothing brand now offers bandanas, collars, and matching PJs for adults, babies, and dogs.

Crowley commented on her website, “I believe a range of accessories and clothes – designed with love and intention and showcasing bright, cheerful patterns – can be a step towards influencing people’s thoughts.” She recognizes that it is a gradual process and concentrates on “one dog and one person at a time.”

Crowley has always had a soft spot for pit bulls and intends to help more of them find loving homes by donating a portion of her profits to charities and offering dog apparel to attract potential adopters.

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